Sunday, May 31, 2009

You Say Tornado Warning... I Say Party!

So what do you do during a Tornado Warning/Watch? Some just hide in the basement 'til the "all clear" is given... not us.

We made an evening of it... some of us tried to will the Cavaliers
to a Game 7...

Some grew faint in the pursuit of NBA glory
and cranked up a great game of Twister!

Unfortunately, a few more of us grew distracted from the pursuit of NBA glory and started giving airplane rides!

From the most pitiful bucket of 10 piece chicken to the groans of defeat for our Cavaliers...


...with siren warnings and monsoons surrounding our little home, a great time was had by all! How great to have friends and family, young and old... and it's hard to tell the difference!

Monday, May 25, 2009

All Because of a Cheese Stick

It's been seven months that this blog has had the name 'Scott and Jess' attached to it and I think it's fine time that the Jess in the equation brings something to the table. Today seems to be a fine day to do so. So here goes.

I had a moment in Target today. I generally have moments in Target on a slightly regular basis as I rather enjoy the color red and the vast amount of red stickers that appear in departments I like to peruse. However, this moment stood out among them.

As I checked out with my red stickered Hershey Kisses, Xbox 360 Scene It game and Ice cream cones (all of course, at a fraction of their original prices!), I included an empty wrapper from a cheese stick that I'd devoured in the dairy isle in an attempt to stave off a sure hunger headache! I explained this empty wrapper to the scruffy looking college boy who was scanning my items to which he then said, "You could have just tossed it... no one would ever know."
I replied with a sheepish smile, "Well, God would know and I guess that just matters to me."

I'm not sure I was supposed to hear what he said next or if it was a bait to continue the banter but he spoke quietly... "oh, you're one of those." It caught me off guard. I knew right away who "those" were that he was speaking of. Those people who use God and His words to shame & condemn others... people who beat broken people with spiritual sticks... all in Jesus name.

A reply came with ease, much to my surprise. "I know some of those people too" I said, "They say they are God's kids but they don't act like it. I don't want to be one of those." He proceeded to say "They always want to debate me... the Buddhist. They don't like me." As I signed my bill for the above mentioned bargains, I looked at him and smiled. "I don't need to debate you... I'm sure I'd like you and I'm pretty sure God does too." As I took my bags to leave, he looked me square in the eye and with an awkward thumbs up said "You... are okay."

I left that little red heaven knowing that something had just happened. I wondered if God might have just caught that boy off guard for a moment. I left wondering if I was one of the first of God's kids that he'd ever said that to. I wondered just how badly he'd been beaten by some of those spiritual clubs that are carried with such justification. I wondered why God let's broken people claim to represent Him in such reprehensible ways.
Maybe for the same reason He let this broken person be a part of that moment. Because just sometimes, through all the garbage, someone can see Him... in a little moment in the Target checkout line.