Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Please excuse my momentary pity party...

Some days that are really busy and overwhelming, don't you sometimes wish you could just be a little sick so you could just curl up on your couch and catch up on all of the shows you've recorded... people cater to you because you're in such a pitiful state... offer to bring you things and sometimes even fluff your pillow... you can completely veg without anyone thinking less of you because, well, you're sick.

Well,not only am I really sick... I'm really sick of my couch and I am sooooo tired of watching tv. It got so bad that I moved around furniture yesterday so I could sit at the computer comfortably and ended up playing online poker for at least 6 hours! (Doubled my money by the way!) I'm grateful for people's willingness to bring me what I need but it sucks that when you feel like crap, you don't even want anything.

The other thing about being sick is it's lonely. You get quarantined to a section of the house and you stay there...alone. Not that you want anyone there when you're barfing or disgusting things continue to come out of your nose, but you do... you wish someone could just sit with you in your misery. The other night, my body revolted on a cough spray I'd just taken and well... without going into detail, it was really gross. My kind husband descended into my despair and without a word or breath of disgust, he cleaned it all up. I really appreciated that. Really alot.

So maybe from now on, if I want to veg I just will. Being sick sucks. I miss being in the same room as my family. I miss getting dressed. I miss going places and doing things. In the meantime, I'm going to play some more online poker... they don't cringe when I blow my nose or get sick when I cough on them there.