Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jess's thoughts on February...the month of the Valentine

So I haven't blogged in a long while. I envy those of you who are faithful in doing so. I love opening my blogger dashboard to see who has what to say... and everything is paused for a moment so I can taken in your monologue in hopes of knowing you better somehow for having read it. The problem is, then I feel like I know you better but you don't know me any better... leads to awkward moments somewhere down the road.

I rarely write... not because I don't have anything to say, but because I think what I write has to be a certain way. I get caught up in wanting the collection of my thoughts to be articulate and form a well written piece. I over think it way too much. I want it to always be my best, and like anything I suppose, my best takes me time and a lot of thought. I wonder how much of this very text will get backspaced, rewritten or deleted completely. I wish I could let that go. I'm going to try... so here goes.

It's February... that month that about 14 days into it requires you to declare your love for the one you're enamored with (yes, I just opened a new tab and checked my spelling on enamored on it's correct). I use to go to Hallmark and try to find just the right card because I felt the day should be acknowledged with at least a nice card. I would literally stand there sifting through one after another and say things like "really?" or "you gotta' be kidding me" or "palease!". It was really quite laughable. I guess I've become a bit of a cynic. Thank God I discovered my love of card designing because now the idea of spending money on a store bought card is beyond all reasoning. Now I make my own and say just what I mean. This year's card might say something like this...
"I will be nicer to your cat because I love you."
Happy Valentine's Day

Yes, we have a cat now. He's no longer on a trial basis. He's a Docherty. An act of God occurred when Scott connected with this cat in a PetSmart over Christmas break. With reluctance, I didn't say no because I saw something in Scott change. This dog person had to become willing to figure out how to be a cat person. We now own things like silly string toys, flea medicines, multiple boxes for excrement, a black light (to find the whizzing areas) and have doubled our Vet bills.

I think love takes funny forms. I didn't want a cat... at all. Sometimes loving something or someone that someone else loves is just as important. The cat, otherwise known as Maximus, needed to be loved. Scott loved him first. I already loved Scott... so maybe, just maybe, someday... this dog person will love a cat.

Happy Valentine's Month... love someone in a way that you'll never find described in a Hallmark card.