Thursday, November 25, 2010

Burst of Gratitude!

I'm not a big fan of Holidays... they feel over rated. Thanksgiving is on the list, but that could have something to do with me not having any delight in cooking nor actually favoring the flesh of a turkey (but the yummy potatoes taking a bath in peppered butter redeems that aspect). Anyway, it's another reason I have to clean my house, and since I don't cook, I clean (another of my not so favorite things to do). Regardless of my lack of adoration for the day itself, I find myself fully aware of how much I have to be grateful for... so I have decided to honor those things and speak them out loud.

I am thankful for/that...
the life I have gotten to live - for others, it's been cut short
discovered passions - they make me breathe deeply and refresh me
when I was a girl, I chose Scott to be my husband
a comfortable home for our family and friends
Julie and the yummy meals she makes, as well as the wise counsel she often has
God not only designed me but made a way for me to engage with Him
people I've hurt have forgiven me
new days that become fresh starts
friends that really know me and still love me like crazy
copic markers
that Scott's dad got to be my dad before heaven had to take him back
my cleaning fairy
electric blankets when even your bones are cold!
the simple kindnesses that are often shown to me
Thursday volleyball
the ability to play Thursday volleyball
old hymns
that Gavin and Eliot are my sons
the honor of the friendships I've made with the senior residents at the Barrington
Warner Chilcott and their separation package
Scott's P&G job
MSG (some people have small groups, we have Medium Size Group)
Nitrous Oxide and Dr. Nymberg
the piano I've dreamed of all my life now sits in my living room
fuzzy slippers and fireplaces
Kaden and Max
the loft and the endless possibilities that it holds
poker and friends I love to play it with
seeing my kids discover their passions and pursuing them
that Joe can teach about God's heart in a way that seeps into me
music - it reaches the spots where there's not room for words
the 30% off Kohls coupon
Debbie's voice messages

I know there are countless more... but I've got things to do people! Make your own list and post it. Perhaps our bursts of gratitude will remind someone else of some of the things they've forgotten to be thankful for... or theirs will remind us of some things we need to have gratitude for and not take for granted.
Lastly, "Thank you God, that you love us more than we can imagine and that all that we could possibly write on a list is because of your kindness to us. You are good beyond measure!"