Friday, June 5, 2009

An abundant life...

I really like my life.
I live in a house that makes me feel safe, creative and overwhelmingly comfortable.

I live in a neighborhood where people not only know each other, but we really like each other and enjoy being together.

I live in a family that I really love. I would still, after all of these 18 years, choose Scott... to be the one I sleep and wake with all the days of my life. My two boys, Gavin and Eliot, are becoming men that I am proud to say are my sons... they, I believe, make this world a better place for their kindness, courteousness, respect, playfulness and friendship.

I live in community with friends that I love like family and family that I love like friends. These kind souls who cradle my truest self with such strength and gentleness... it is my honor to love them and my pleasure to play with them.

I live this life so abundant with gratitude and awe. I'm learning to breathe deeply and bask in the goodness... trusting the One who thought of me, shaped me and pours His kindness and grace over me.